Sunday, July 3, 2022

Easy Ginger Peach Ice Cream Sandwiches

I don't know why ginger and peach make such an amazing couple. It's like Fred and Wilma, Bonnie and Clyde, yin and yang, or lemon and lime. Actually, it's not like any of those things, but it is pretty good.

So this brainchild came up as I was looking for a quick, tasty snack to have one evening. It is a simple, two ingredient treat - Trader Joe's Triple Ginger Cookies (two sizes available), and Tillamook Peaches & Cream ice cream.

Now I could spend 57 paragraphs building up to what this is and forcing you to get to the end of the article. But if I write those 57 paragraphs then that's time when this ginger peach ice cream sandwich isn't in my mouth, so I'd rather save us both some time. These can be made ahead of time and kept in the freezer, but I like to make them and eat them right afterward. A small scoop of peach ice cream, a cookie on top and bottom, and you've got yourself a delicious treat.

But here's what I really like about these treats. If I make two ice cream sandwiches for myself, the amount of ice cream is significantly less than what I would eat if I were to eat a bowl of ice cream. And the four cookies to make two sandwiches are significantly less than what I would eat if I were just eating cookies with tea or milk. This helps me eat less of something that is SO tasty. While it's not a diet food, it does help with portion control.

Side note - Tillamook ice cream is hands down the best ice cream that I have ever had (and their cheese is phenomenal as well). And you all know how much I like Trader Joe's, but their ginger cookies are my favorite (actual chunks of ginger and the spiciness that I appreciate in a ginger cookie). So the smooth and creamy ice cream with the crispy, spicy cookies make this a treat that would earn me a handshake from Paul Hollywood.

I'll cut off the remaining 49 paragraphs so you can run right out and try these out. And if you think of any other flavor combinations that you love, leave a comment below. I love hearing from my Renaissance Dad readers!

Happy snacking!

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