Monday, July 16, 2018

Renaissance Dad Tool Review: Greenworks 18" 60V Brushless Chainsaw

Before I was 25, the only chainsaw experience I had was playing Doom. My first chainsaw was an electric chainsaw for some light yard work around the house, mainly trimming thick branches that I didn't want to use a pruning saw for. The first time I used a gas powered chainsaw when helping a friend, I realized that my electric chainsaw could only be called a chainsaw because it had a chain. But so does my bike...

Then I started doing a little more major tree trimming, and my electric chainsaw could no longer hack it (hehehe). It finally saw its end when I helped my parents with a fallen mesquite tree, the last thing that it ever cut down. The electric saw was gone. I loved the power of a gas saw, but never wanted the mess, smell, or hassle of it around the house. What's a guy to do?

When I saw a battery powered chainsaw by Greenworks, my favorite battery powered yard machine company, I was intrigued. My interest was further piqued by their claim that it had the power of a gas chainsaw with the convenience of battery operation. So I decided that I just had to try it out.**

Out of the box, the Greenworks Pro 16" 60V Brushless Chainsaw was better than any chainsaw I had ever owned (and this was right out of the box). It comes with a hard case and chain guard, making storage easy. It also comes with its own adjusting tool, making tightening the chain easy to do. It would be easy to spend more time talking about all of the features, like the chain brake, the generous battery run time, the power, or the automatic oiler. But I really didn't want to spend any time with these things. Like most guys, I wanted to throw the battery on and see how it worked.

Because of my schedule, I had to wait an entire week before I had a chance to test this bad boy out. Enter Saturday. Our whole family started the morning sorting piles of old clothes in the garage (bear with me - this has a purpose). There we were, in the garage, sorting bags and bags of clothes, and in my mind I was just thinking of that chainsaw sitting in my workshop waiting for me. I slowly backed away from the family, booked it to the gleaming green chainsaw and oiled it up.

At the side of my house, I had two wood piles. One is nice neat pieces that I've split, ready for the fireplace. The other pile is old hard logs, too misshapen or long to split, too hard to saw through, and too bulky to pile up. I grabbed the biggest, gnarliest piece I could find, set it on my chopping stump, wedged it in place, and started the saw.

Having owned many Greenworks tools, I fully expected the saw to be on the quieter side. But quiet for a chainsaw can still be pretty noisy. However, I was not expecting the level of quiet that this saw actually had. I was amazed. As the chain started down in the first log, the smooth, quick cut further amazed me. I tore through that log in less than 5 seconds. In the next 10 minutes I cut my entire pile of logs, and was able to stack them neatly for splitting.

But here is the greatest part of this testimonial. I was so happy with the action of the saw that I wanted to show my wife how much neater the side of the house was now that the pile of logs was gone. I went to get her (she was still sorting the give away bags). We walked to the wood pile, and I pointed to the logs, as proud as anything. She asked, "When did you do this?" I replied, "Just now," to which she responded, "How did you do it so quickly, and how did I not hear it?"

The garage is less than 20 feet from where I cut 10 or so logs, and my wife and kids never heard me. This is some serious clandestine tree removal that I can do. But with all of the pros for the Greenworks Chainsaw - the quietness, the power, the comfort, and the storage - I did find one negative, something that I just can't get over.

I don't have very many trees that I want to cut down. So please let me know if you need help removing a tree, and I will be over as soon as I can throw some batteries in the case.

**I received this saw to test it out. I was not compensated for this review, nor was I paid to promote it.

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