Sunday, January 31, 2016

Happy Birthday, Renaissance Dad: A Roundup of the Last Two Years

Renaissance Dad just turned two. It has been a wonderful two years of watching my kids grow, learning new skills, gardening, building, cooking, and writing. I so appreciate all of the people who have supported Renaissance Dad by reading and sharing. Here's a look back at the last two years with the first paragraph from some highlighted posts, along with links to continue reading them.

Most Read Article: 

Seven Things Every Teacher Wants Every Parent To Know - September 7, 2015

"This school year marks my 14th year in education. I have been a teacher, a curriculum writer, a coach, an Athletic Director, an Assistant Principal, a Principal, a Director, a Head of School. Basically, if it needs to be done in a school, I have done it. Yes, I have even filled in as a crossing guard and a janitor from time to time. Every year, as the school year starts off, I feel like one of my biggest jobs is to bridge the gap between school and home. When two groups of people as passionate about their jobs as teachers and parents are come together, it can feel like clash of the Titans. That's why I decided to share my list of Seven Things that Every Teacher Wants Every Parent to Know." (read the rest of the article here).

Most Commented On Article:

 Goodbye to an Old Friend - March 24, 2014

"I had to say goodbye to an old friend yesterday. It was really sad. I have known this friend for 14 years. We met at my birthday party in 2000, and since then, we have spent almost every major holiday together. We typically got together 3 times per week. Whenever people came to the house, this friend was there, and was almost always the center of the party. I will miss this friend. I actually wept when I had to say goodbye, and as I write this now I am getting somewhat choked up. This friend was my Weber Performer grill. And no, I'm not joking about getting choked up." (read the rest of the article here).

Most Underappreciated Article: 

 Grilled Dark Chocolate Raspberry Burritos - October 8, 2014

"Okay, I know that in my last post I promised a two part post about new tools, but this one is too good to pass up. I also know that a lot of my posts make "life changing" claims, from Limoncello to fall beverages, from Italian Feast to Lemon Pound Cake. But this, my friends, just may top them all. It is simple, takes merely four ingredients and a few minutes to make, and will cause your wife to want to get lovey-dovey no matter what kind of day she's had. Here is one of the simplest, most amazing desserts you will ever, and I mean EVER, make." (read the rest of the article here).

My Wife's Favorite Article: 

A Teacher's Reflections on Autism - April 22, 2015

"April is Autism Awareness month. I was asked to guest blog on my experiences as an educator. I chose to write about my experiences with a student who became such a delight to have in class, on the stage, and as a runner." (read the rest of the article here).

Thank you, dear reader, for making it so much fun to write over the past two years. Here's to many more years of building, gardening, cooking, and raising kids in hopes of not screwing them up too much!

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