Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Grilled Dark Chocolate Raspberry Burritos

Okay, I know that in my last post I promised a two part post about new tools, but this one is too good to pass up. I also know that a lot of my posts make "life changing" claims, from Limoncello to fall beverages, from Italian Feast to Lemon Pound Cake. But this, my friends, just may top them all. It is simple, takes merely four ingredients and a few minutes to make, and will cause your wife to want to get lovey-dovey no matter what kind of day she's had. Here is one of the simplest, most amazing desserts you will ever, and I mean EVER, make.

-Flour tortillas
-Fresh or frozen raspberries
-Chocolate chips


Spread butter on each side, making sure to get under the flap
1). Lay the tortilla out and place some chocolate chips and raspberries inside. When I first made these, I had a tendency to overload the burritos, causing them to spill out. You want a good number of berries and chocolate chips, but not too many.

2). Roll the tortilla into a burrito shape. If you don't know how to do this, start by folding opposite edges slightly in. These will be the top and bottom of the burrito. Next, roll one remaining side on top of your ingredients. Finally, fold the last remaining side on top of this last side, closing the burrito. If you still don't know how to fold a burrito, take a trip to Chipotle, order a burrito, and watch them roll it up.

3). Spread softened butter on the outside of the burrito. Be sure to spread butter under the last flap, sealing the burrito.
Flip it when it is crispy and slightly golden

4). Place the buttered burrito, flap side down, on a  skillet or grill preheated to medium. Yeah, I said grill. These are amazing grilled, but are also--well, amazing--in a skillet.

5). Now comes the difficult part of balancing patience with vigilance. If you wait too long to flip the burrito, you may burn it. If you flip it too early, you may end up spilling out the berries and chocolate chips. Depending on the temperature, two to three minutes per side tends to be just right. Flip the burrito and brown the other side.

6). Serve with whipped cream, ice cream, or both!

These can be made ahead of time and refrigerated. I have found that refrigerating them helps harden the butter, which keeps the burrito from opening up when being placed on the grill or skillet. However, if you use frozen berries, they may juice up and soften the tortilla. And speaking of softening the tortilla, warming up the tortilla briefly before filling it will aid in the rolling of the tortilla and help prevent tears.
Serve with ice cream!

While I have never actually made them this way, someday I would like to use a burrito size tortilla for a jumbo dessert! I'm pretty sure that would be life changing.


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