Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Best Cordless String Trimmer: A Renaissance Dad Review

G-Max 40V String Trimmer

There are some life events that just give me chills and cause me such extreme joy--my wedding, the birth of my children, the purchase of a new house, and every time a power tool breaks. Yes, I know that the last one on the list may seem like a stretch, but I really do enjoy the passing of an old tool and the research that I get to put into a new tool. And I not only research every tool that I purchase, I shop around for the best deal on that tool.

That being said, it makes sense that if joy comes from one power tool that ceases to function, I will have even more joy when two power tools cease to function. And so I present the first of a two part blog on new power tools for the lawn.
Adjustable head angle
Next to a mower, a string trimmer is the most used tool in my yard. I have had several different types over the years--gas, corded, cordless--but have most recently stuck with cordless. I have had two Black and Decker cordless string trimmers, and both have been okay. They get the job done, but that's about it. The battery life has often been just barely enough. Usually, by the end of the yard, the string is no longer cutting the grass but merely massaging the grass into submission. So as that massage became less effective, I faced either replacing the battery or looking for a new tool. Since I wasn't thrilled with the trimmer in the first place, I decided to look around.

Adjustable, telescoping handle
Enter the Greenworks G-Max 40V string trimmer. This puppy has more bells and whistles than I know what to do with. The handle is adjustable, so I can get a comfortable angle for holding the tool. While this is not unique to the Greenworks string trimmer, one feature that aids in this is the adjustable tool head. The angle of the head can be changed, so the comfortable hold for me can still yield a parallel cut. MAGIC! This feature is amazing, and yet another example of how Greenworks engineers really think their products through.

Another wonderful feature is the on trigger. Most of my string trimmers have had a trigger-like button that you have to hold with one finger until your finger cramps and feels like it is going to fall off just to get violently massaged by the line powered by the slowly dying battery. Not on this bad boy. The trigger runs along the underside of the entire grip. This means that you can drum your fingers with the music while trimming, and you get constant power.

Full handle trigger

Speaking of power, the Greenworks G-Max 40V String trimmer is powered by the same batteries used in the Greenworks G-Max mower. The first time I used this trimmer I popped the secondary battery out of my mower, loaded it into the trimmer, and was able to complete the yard without skipping a beat. The Lithium-Ion battery means a steady, constant power supply with no power fade, and 40 volts means that you will have plenty of power to complete your yard. Lithium-Ion also means lighter weight, and this champ weighs in at a mere 9.2 pounds.

Shopping around for this trimmer can save you a little bit. It's about $150 for the tool with battery, or for a smaller yard, you can get by with the bare tool for about $70 if you have the Greenworks G-Max mower (using one battery for mowing, and the other for trimming).

Easy change from trimming to edging
If you haven't been able to tell, I am quite happy with this trimmer. However, there is one thing that I must warn you about. I have contacted Greenworks for various reasons over the past several months, and their customer service is terrible. I had a question for them, and after e-mailing with no response five times, I called. I was told that my question would be passed on and I would receive a response from a supervisor. That call never came, and subsequent calls and e-mails went unanswered. So while the products are fantastic, in my experience, the customer service is really bad. This is definitely something that should be taken into consideration when making a purchase like this. That said, the products are so good that I still chose to buy them.

So there you have it, Renaissance Dad readers. Another tool review, another happy Renaissance Dad, and another yard that has edges as crisp as a freshly ironed shirt.

Have fun with the yard work, because winter is upon us and we don't have much mowing time left. And by "we" I mean "you," because I live in Phoenix and mow all year long.

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