Monday, June 2, 2014

Frozen Grape Kebabs

Look at that concentration...
Full disclosure - I cannot take credit for this blog post. I would take on a guest blogger, but my six year old, Big E (as she is known around here), is not quite proficient with typing yet, so I must write for her. But she is the one who came up with this delightful summer treat - Frozen Grape Kebabs. The concept is simple: put grapes on bamboo skewers (or Southwest Airlines drink stirrers (Southwest, if you're reading this, you can sponsor my blog for a ticket to Orange County (i.e. Disneyland) (Disneyland, if you're reading this...)))*, freeze them, and enjoy. They make delightfully refreshing treats for kids and adults alike on hot summer days (110 degrees today in Phoenix. Now who's laughing...). They also make cool stir sticks for fruity summer drinks. We like to use both green and purple grapes. Of course, being an educator, I turn it into a math lesson. Here are some ideas:

1. Patterns - kids as young as three can begin to recognize patterns. Give them a skewer with a pattern, and ask them which grape should go on next.

...and that joy!
2. Addition/Subtraction - give older kids two red grapes and three green grapes, and ask them how many total grapes they have.

3. Contrast (Big E's favorite) - have a skewer with four green grapes and one red grape, and ask them to make a contrasting (or opposite) skewer.

Now go on out there and enjoy some frozen grapes, especially if you grow them in your garden.

Happy Kebabbing!

*I like parenthesis (really).

Big E loves patterns...
...and Little E loves eating them.

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